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Monthly Archives: August 2009

3 Years Later…

When the car door opened on Sunday, I was greeted with oa HUUUGE hug.  Turns out, Ethan was as happy to see me as I was to see him!  When I first photographed Ethan 3 years ago, I remember coming home and showing Matthew my camera saying, “Isn’t this little boy soooooo cute!??!”  (I’ll post a picture of him […]

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On the Lake

I love everything about the lake.  It seems like the only place in the world where drinking Mountain Dew and eating Golden Oreos for more than 3-hours straight is not only normal, but expected.  I love how warm the water is.  I love watching Ross and Rayna jumping into the water… climbing back into the […]

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Ryan & Autumn

I met Autumn and Ryan on Saturday for their engagement photos.  Although Autumn said this was her first professional photo shoot, I had a hard time believing it.  She and Ryan were so natural in front of the camera.    They also knew exactly where they wanted their engagement shoot.  Not only is it a nice […]

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Sleepless Weekend

Rayna ended up in bed between us early in the night.  In addition to her sleeping side-ways, every hour or so she would either lose her ‘Baby’ or try to wake Matthew up to play. Just a few hours later, Ross woke-up crying because all the ice was melted in the water beside his bed.  When he came into our room, […]

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Always Beside Me

When I was a little girl and would spend hours riding my go-cart, Amanda sat beside me. A few years later, when my dad had an asthma attack in the car and we drove as fast as we could to the hospital, Amanda was buckled in right there beside me.  When a public pool had to […]

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