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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Carley & Griffin

MEET JILL:  Jill saw a session I did for one of her friends last year.  Like a lot of people, it had been a while since she had professional photographs taken of her two children.  She was eager to schedule, excited about the session AND willing to drive an hour for the shoot.  Needless to […]

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Ross’ 1st Baseball Game

Matthew and I were REALLY excited about taking Ross to his FIRST baseball game…  We were so excited, in fact, we arrived over an hour early.  NOTE TO SELF:  If you’re taking a 3-year old to a baseball game (OUTDOORS) (IN JULY), don’t arrive over an hour early if you want to stay for more than one […]

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Chad, Farrah and the boys

Somewhere between my week in Arkansas and spending the following week alone with Matthew in Florida, I managed to make it home in just enough time to repack my bags, sleep in my own bed and, oh, a SESSION!      To give the boys a little more sleeping time, we decided to do the session at their home.  Between […]

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My Cute Cousin

Am I allowed to say my cousin is cute?  Part of the reason Ryan is so cute to me is because, most importantly, he is also very nice, smart and sweet.  The other reason I think it’s okay to blog about his cuteness is because he reminds me so much of Matthew.  They did, afterall, […]

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It’s possible these last posts and images will make you want to quit your job, move to the country and spend every day enjoying the world through a child’s eyes.  At least, that’s what happens to me every year after I’ve spent time here on the farm. This is of Ross and Rayna coming out […]

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Good Times.

As we all sat around the kitchen table eating our vanilla ice cream and enjoying the quietness of the kids being outside, Michelle looks up with raised eyebrows and asks, “Is it just me or was today really weird?”  Yes, I think it’s safe to say we’ve undergone a series of unusual events.  The kids […]

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Where am I?

Make-up is not required.  (Some days, it’s actually frowned upon.) There are lots of kids running around.  (Most of which are usually semi-naked.) Swimming holes keep the kids happy for hours. We are at Matthew’s parent’s house!  Each year, ours and Michelle’s (Matthew’s sister) family spend a week in NW Arkansas.  The week is filled with adventures, good food […]

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