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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Amanda & Brandon

Her girlfriends called her ‘Jones.’ Her husband called her ‘Beautiful’. After seeing her create flowers, smile as the rain poured down on her (what-was-suppose-to-be) outdoor wedding and dance all night in 3 inch heels, I call her SIMPLY AMAZING! I started the day (in NW Arkansas) with Amanda and a house full of her closest friends.  […]

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Tough Cookies

For the first time in eight years, Matthew threatened me.  He told me if I didn’t take some new pictures of Ross and Rayna, he was taking them to a portrait studio.  (OUCH!) In order to maintain our loving and wonderful relationship, I decided to convince myself it was just one more (of his MANY) desperate requests […]

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Wall Gallery

I really don’t know anything about decorating.  However, as quickly as the paint dried in our new house, I had big plans for every inch of our wall space!  Although I’m a photographer and it’s natural that I love photographs, many of my clients also share the same passion for displaying their own family images on their walls.   […]

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“Amazing Max”

Wanna’ know what I love?   I love when parents are crazy about their kids.  When I got an email about an “amazing baby boy,” I couldn’t wait to meet him!    Max did turn out to be amazing… He was such a sweetheart the entire time we played together! (Have I said it lately?   I LOOOOVE […]

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Jason & Hannah

Each time we visit my parent’s house, we usually end-up taking their four-wheeler for a ride behind my grandparent’s house.  As we drive through their wheat field to the lake, I always think, “I’d love to photograph someone out here.”   So one night after finishing dinner with Hannah and Jason, we headed out to take a few preg-o pictures before […]

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T-Ball Story Boards Examples

Common Question:  “What do Story Boards look like?” It’s so much easier (and more fun) to create a few examples of Story Boards than trying to explain it.   Here are a few… If you’ve sent me an email regarding the t-ball game, I hope these examples help!  Also, if ordering a package, call or email […]

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Do What You LOVE…

Matthew gave me great business advice that has really helped me out: “Photograph the things that make you happy.”  In saying that, I have a very important announcement regarding the future of Christy Martin Photography: With much consideration, I have decided to specialize in 3 and 4 year old Friday night t-ball games, featuring super-cute […]

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