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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Enjoying MIAMI (in my room)

After leaving Chattanooga last week, we drove to Mississippi to meet Matthew’s parents half-way and drop off the kids with them for an entire week.  Matthew’s job invited all the sales reps to Miami with only one rule- no kids.   As we left Ross and Rayna last weekend, I wipped away my tears, pulled myself together and tried to focus on ALL the […]

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The Best Day Ever!

Wednesday was great.  Perfect, actually. Matthew had to spend a couple of days in Chattanooga for business.  Ross, Rayna and I had planned to go with him.  Just hours before we left, Hannah (my sister) said she’d watch Rayna where I could have some (over-due) time with Ross alone.  (YEAH!  YEAH!  YEAH!)  I couldn’t have […]

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Miss Collins Hill Headshots

I was asked to photograph some of the contestants of the upcoming Miss Collins Hill High Scholarship Pageant.   Considering it was an early Saturday morning with temperatures in the teens, I did these headshots at a record-breaking speed.  With these girls… it was a breeze!  They were all beautiful… and smart… and VERY easy to photograph! […]

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#2… “20.9 in 2009”

“Volunteer at 12Stone“ was high on my “20.9 in 2009” list for a few reasons… First of all, I  L-O-V-E kids.  Secondly, I believe there’s nothing better than finding a church you absolutely love and getting involved in an area you are passionate about.   Matthew and I worked together in the kid’s program at 12Stone before […]

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#6…. “20.9 in 2009”

With the exception of The Office, I don’t watch t.v.   I love watching t.v., but always feel like there’s a million other things I really need to be doing instead.    However, once a year it happens.  I try to convince everyone I know to get involved in another season of American Idol.  The first few seasons were […]

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#1… “20.9 in 2009”

Although I don’t plan on getting these done in order, I happened to do the first item on my “20.9 in 2009” list:  “Try new parks with Ross & Rayna.” My dad bought this canoe at a yardsale for Ross.  We decided to take it to Tribble Mill Lake.  Honestly, the experience was a little […]

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“20.9 in 2009”

I love making lists and setting goals, so naturally, I tend to get a little over-ambitious this time of year. However, I decided to do something a little different… Instead of having lots of unrealistic goals, I decided to sit down and list the FIRST 20 GOALS that came to my mind.  Some goals are bigger (and harder) […]

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