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Yearly Archives: 2009

“Today was a great day!”

Since Thanksgiving, Ross’ favorite thing to talk about was Frosty the Snowman.  When a stranger passed by us at a restaurant a few weeks ago, Ross interrupted our conversation by standing up in his chair and yelling over our table, “Hey… UMMM… I love your Frosty shirt!!!”   Can you imagine how excited he was when […]

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Let it Snow!

Each year, we see how many weeks we can spend in NW Arkansas with Matthew’s parents.  While most people are packing for the beach, we are loading up the car for a 11-hour road trip.  As we talked about our options for Matthew’s extra vacation week this year, the choice was obvious… Pack-up the car! When we arrived, there was […]

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Christmas Decorating

It’s been a while since my last ‘Decorating with Photos’ post.  I have more examples throughout my house to post, but for now… it’s all about Christmas ornaments and stocking holders.  (There were a bunch of these stocking holders online, but Target had the best deal.)  Naturally, I love anything that uses pictures, but I […]

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Rayna’s BIG day…

I always looked forward to the day when Rayna would get her ears pierced.  Although we really considered doing it when she was a baby, we thought it would be fun to wait until she could understand and ask to have it done. Because I had envisioned taking her when she was 3 or 4 years […]

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Deep Breath

The warning signs were there all along.  Rayna had been trying to potty-train herself for over a week.  When Matthew asked when I was going to teach her, without any thought, I told him that between editing, posting, ordering and playing catch-up, the next 3 weeks were too busy to even consider it. A few […]

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Meet Jackson…

I love photography for a million reasons.  In addition to giving people memories that will last forever, meeting wonderful families and being able to express myself creatively, there’s another reason I look so forward to my shoots each week… the car ride!  Since most of my ‘normal’ time is spent singing Leap Frog songs or listening […]

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Amy & Emery

When I went to Amy’s house to photograph Emery as a newborn, I remember thinking how pretty they both were.  When I saw them both again six months later, they both seemed even more beautiful than before!  Emery was a little doll… Thank you Amy for allowing me to photograph Emery again!

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