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    Every great success story starts with a dream. For me, my dream was to always have a camera in hand and a great story behind every shot. In Kindergarten, it was bringing my camera to Show N’ Tell when everyone else brought toys. In middle school, it was getting to know the employees at my local photo lab. In high school, it was an essay I wrote about my 'dream job' of being a photographer.

    I have been truly fortunate to watch my lifelong passion of photography bloom into a career and source of happiness in my life. Part of that happiness comes from my love of children and embracing that in my business. My adoration for kids allows me to engage them in a way that makes sessions feel more like a play-date! Whether it’s chasing them around trees or fields, chatting with them about their favorite flavor of ice cream or watching them laugh while I make a funny face, I find it truly uplifting to be a part of their world.

    In the same way that every picture tells a story, so too does my blog. I use it to capture pieces of both my professional and personal life. It includes client session photos, engaging stories behind those clients, and even little glimpses into my own family, friends and interests. The curls in my daughter's hair and the cool rock my son found are just a few of the things that inspire me every day!

Five Generations, Over 100 Years…

I’m so happy I got to be there when “Granny” (my great, grandmother) got to meet her newest GREAT, GREAT grand-daughter, Naomi!


Over 100 years… Five Generations…

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November 7, 2016 - 6:56 pm

Debbie Fortner - I love <3 these Christy, please send me a copy of them I will gladly pay you just let me know how much they will be. Just a 4×6 of each will be fine. I was wondering if she ever got to meet Naomi. And I know this made her day. Such sweet pictures of her & Naomi.

Naomi Joy

After lots of years of waiting, she was created.

After lots of cautious weeks of developing, her announcement was made.

After lots of prayers, her CF test results came back negative.  (Praise the Lord!)

After all of this, we all believe God has a very special plan for Naomi’s life.

Here’s my newest and most precious niece, Naomi Joy


Rayna quickly fell in love.  It’s easy to see why!

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Ruthie’s an “ANIMAL PERSON!”

Ruthie claimed she’s a TURTLE PERSON;” but, during our trip to Farmland Adventure yesterday, I realized it’s safe to say, she’s aHORSE PERSON” as well!


She’s a “COW PERSON” too!


She’s like me!  She can’t get enough of those gorgeous cows!

I think the GOATS like her too!

Ruthie and I both snuck-off at different times to love-on this sweet, beautiful girl…



Ruthie’s routine was:
* Get Ross to make her an extra chocolately s’more.
* Go visit and talk to this lonely, little guy.
(Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.)

He EVEN talked back! 


There’s not much cuter than a 4-year old asking a horse her size if he wants any of her s’more… and then him shaking his head YES!


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I remember the first time I met Austen.  Although Matthew and I had only been dating a few weeks, I felt like I already knew his little nephew from all the stories I’d heard about him.  Matthew’s stories about Austen were all great, but NOTHING compared to how wonderful this little boy really was!

At only a year old, Austen already stood out as extremely happy, funny and smart.  Oh, I was also convinced he was the cutest kid I’d ever seen!  Matthew and I enjoyed him so much, we often found reasons to take him to the zoo (all 3 of us in matching, yellow shirts) or to go see late-night fireworks.

As Austen got older, honestly, all of the strengths I’d loved about him as a toddler just got stronger.  By middle school, I absolutely REFUSED to play any type of ‘game‘ with him that would compare our math skills, spelling abilities or IQ, for that matter!

With no surprise to any of us, high school allowed Austen to shine even more.  Not only has he soared academically, but he’s excelled in just about every other area as well.

I am so proud of Austen! 


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Shortly after Ross was born, I began to DREAM of being a ‘real‘ photographer.  I use to think the best part would be getting to do exactly what I loved to do- taking pictures!  Although I STILL love the creative process of capturing memories and moments, I quickly realized building RELATIONSHIPS were actually one of the things I enjoyed the MOST!

There’s no better example than this family! 

I remember our first photos with Tinsely and her parents SO well.  Her mom was not only sweet, kind and relaxed, she gave me total freedom to do what I believe is the most important thing about photography- capture REAL moments!  Over the years, I’ve got to document tea parties, swimming, birthday parties and many more special places with the people closest to her!

It’s such a privilege to document so many fun stages in a child’s life!  


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Florida 2016 (Part 2)

I posted a few pictures from our beach trip HERE, but there were a few more that made me too happy not to post.

This picture looks pretty dreamy, but Ruthie was actually being kind-of fussy and we were ready to go inside.  As we were gathering our things, a nice family came over and gave her a new kite!
The beach was nearly empty. 
The winds were strong. 
Ruthie’s frown quickly turned into a BIG smile! 

We never seem to play putt-putt golf around our house, but when we’re in Florida, it’s a GIVEN! 
I mentioned evening or morning light in my last post.  This is another example of how flattering it can be…
It only took 839 GoPro photos to get 3 semi-decent images.  I CLEARLY need lessons!

Even though Matthew’s pretty good in the water and we’re both pretty thrifty, we decided to invest in Infant Survival Lessons when Ross and Ruthie were babies.  (Sorry, Rayna!  We were beyond-broke and living in Arizona when you were born!)  Unlike what some parents may fear, the kids were never thrown into the water.  They were taught to to flip over on their back and FLOAT… even with clothes, shoes and a winter jacket.  (It’s ALL about the child’s safety in case they ever did fall into a body of water unexpectedly.)  As a result, not only have none of them ever worn floaties or vests, they all absolutely LOVE the water!
If you’re in Georgia, you’ve got to call Cindy at Gwinnett Swim!


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