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(First-to-Know) Fall Mini Sessions!

I am SUPER excited to be back in Georgia next month!  Many of you have asked about scheduling a session, so, before I post on social media this weekend, I wanted to YOU know FIRST

I’ll be offering (5) Fall Mini Sessions on Wednesday, November 22nd (in Gwinnett County, probably Duluth or Suwanee; will update next week).

The kids will be out of school, so this will be a great time to update your family photos!  Each session is $250 and includes our time together and (10) fully-edited High Resolution Digital Files with Copyright Release, both color and black and white.

If you’d like to reserve a session, please use this link, , and text, email or call your top (2) preferred times: 10am, 10:20am, 10:40am, 11am, 11:20am.

I would LOVE to capture YOUR family next month!


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New Inspiration

Being intentional about pursuing a slower way of life has been so beneficial to me and my family.
But there IS something I miss so much… the excitement, relationships and passion that PHOTOGRAPHY always gave me.

Although I still brought my camera along to snap my kids sticking their heads in the fountain downtown or during our camping trips, I personally missed the thrill of creating something unique and creative.

But after hearing a new song on the radio over a year ago, I instantly got VERY excited as I envisioned very specific photos of Rayna.  Before the weekend was over, I found a beautiful dress (that we rented for a few days at a great price) and we were on an ADVENTURE to capture all the images stuck inside my head!

These images are almost 2 years old, but they made me smile today when I came across them, so I thought I would share!  🙂

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An Evening at Hanna Family Ranch

Pulling out of Will and Waltina’s long driveway, I secretly wished I could drive home, grab my toothbrush, extra clothes, my Bible and just MOVE-IN to the Hanna Family Ranch for a few weeks.

I would gladly take care of their animals all day.
I would eagerly wash dishes (and lick all the bowls!) after a local cooking show was filmed in their open, modern, yet-warm, gorgeous kitchen.
And if I needed a break, I’m pretty sure their porch would make an excellent place for me to catch-up on my Bible study.

But I don’t think I’m alone in my love for this family.

Lots of businesses are using their fresh, delicious and local food.  The news is also noticing how the Hanna’s love LOVING OTHERS so well!

Thank you, Will and Waltina (and Randy and Denyce!) for inviting us to your wonderful home and farm!

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October 2, 2017 - 12:02 pm

Waltina Hanna - Christy,
Thank you so very much for the kind words. The Lord has certainly blessed us. You have an open invite anytime. Dinner is at 6:00.

My lil’ Ruthie-‘Ru-Ru’…

When her Nana finds a pretty dress from the thrift store and her sweet cousin says she’ll take-care-of-da’-hair, you leave the kitchen a total mess after dinner and enjoy every second of documenting this super-lovable girl!

Here’s a few from my time with Ruthie last night…

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September 13, 2017 - 1:37 am

Anonymous - ❤️

September 13, 2017 - 4:38 am

Grandmama - What can I say? I love every one of these pictures. They capture the sweetness and beauty of our Ruthie. Great job!

Buffalo River highs… and the truth about the lows

As much as I enjoy taking photographs of our family’s memories, I enjoy taking videos just as much!
I love being able to document highlights from our trips, vacations and milestones.  My kids also love choosing a few to watch at bedtime.

But there IS a problem with our family videos.  It’s the same problem that forces me to take a long break from social media several times each year.

The problem with choosing the best-of-the-best highlights to share is it’s not always 100% accurate of our real life.  And if anyone struggles with the same thing I do on social media, perceiving that other’s lives are always fun, perfect or incredibly adventurous does nothing but create feelings of jealously, insecurity and judgement.

Although you SEE a fun family photo of a big tent securely fastened in the ground, what you do NOT see is:
…me placing unrealistic expectations on Matthew to finish work early.
…leaving late and everyone being a little grouchy.
…campgrounds being full when we arrived.
…no phone service (aka: not getting to camp with our cousins as planned).
…and, as always with camping, no sleep!

Did we have fun?  YES!
But did I completely choose to ONLY post the best-of-the-best (NOT highlighting sweet Ruthie crying hysterically before we could even get the canoe wet)?  YES on that one too!


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September 10, 2017 - 11:40 am

Becky Carlson - Christy,
I too share your same struggle. Although, using “fake book” to stay connected to all my family and friends that live miles away, I find myself becoming envious of others. I try to pull away but with my kids grown and being basically empty nesters it’s hard not to stay connected through this source. I absolutely love seeing your family grow and venture thru life, ever since you and Matt left AZ with that fun, little Ross and sweet, baby Rayna. You and Matt are such a beautiful example even if it took you several “takes”. I can see Jesus in your lives and that is the ultimate goal. Don’t even be jealous for one minute of others because your humbleness and love sparkles in every beautiful portrait! Keep posting your family pics, they are so encouraging, sweet and an example of real love!
Blessings, Bec


I love senior sessions because, like “Lifestyle Sessions,” it captures more than a simple smile.  Senior sessions document an incredibly important milestone, while also capturing unique qualities, passions and talents!

Tommy’s session was so enjoyable because we got to enjoy and experience everything he enjoys!  Congratulations to Tommy and his parents!  I hope the last year is just as fun as our time together!

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August 29, 2017 - 8:28 pm

Anonymous - Our handsome grandson.


Kylie is the kind of person who quietly and humbly serves 4-year olds at church each week.  Not only does she patiently reassure RUTHIE ‘crying children,’ she often brings her friends along to serve within the church as well.  When she told me her dream to work with children one day as a career, I had no doubt she would accomplish her dream!

Congratulations on your SENIOR YEAR, Kylie! 

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August 23, 2017 - 5:53 pm

Brittany - OMG! She’s a senior! These are amazing and Kylie you’re BEAUTIFUL! Selfishly praying you stay close to NWA.