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New Inspiration

Being intentional about pursuing a slower way of life has been so beneficial to me and my family.
But there IS something I miss so much… the excitement, relationships and passion that PHOTOGRAPHY always gave me.

Although I still brought my camera along to snap my kids sticking their heads in the fountain downtown or during our camping trips, I personally missed the thrill of creating something unique and creative.

But after hearing a new song on the radio over a year ago, I instantly got VERY excited as I envisioned very specific photos of Rayna.  Before the weekend was over, I found a beautiful dress (that we rented for a few days at a great price) and we were on an ADVENTURE to capture all the images stuck inside my head!

These images are almost 2 years old, but they made me smile today when I came across them, so I thought I would share!  🙂

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