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Matthew, Catalina, Jackie & Kate

Sweet lil’ Jack and I talked about how long I’d been taking his pictures when he stopped to ask me, “Did you know that I was a cute baby?”  My response was pretty instant.  “Yes, I DEFINITELY know that you were a SUPER CUTE baby!  (I’ve posted a few from our previous years together at the very bottom in case you want to jump on board with us!)

We’re going on a wonderful, five-year tradition (minus the year we were both living outside of Georgia) of me documenting their family, telling Catalina how ridiculously beautiful she is and taking way more photos of her children than I had planned!

But, how do I stop shooting with these two?!?!

Here’s a few family photos from each year.  What a fun difference!

Look how much he’s grown over the years!?!?

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November 30, 2017 - 4:34 pm

Catalina Urbizo - Christy, you have a true gift!!! We are so blessed to be your client!!! We love and treasure every session we have done with you! Thank you for being excellent and sharing your gift with my fam

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