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    Every great success story starts with a dream. For me, my dream was to always have a camera in hand and a great story behind every shot. In Kindergarten, it was bringing my camera to Show N’ Tell when everyone else brought toys. In middle school, it was getting to know the employees at my local photo lab. In high school, it was an essay I wrote about my 'dream job' of being a photographer.

    I have been truly fortunate to watch my lifelong passion of photography bloom into a career and source of happiness in my life. Part of that happiness comes from my love of children and embracing that in my business. My adoration for kids allows me to engage them in a way that makes sessions feel more like a play-date! Whether it’s chasing them around trees or fields, chatting with them about their favorite flavor of ice cream or watching them laugh while I make a funny face, I find it truly uplifting to be a part of their world.

    In the same way that every picture tells a story, so too does my blog. I use it to capture pieces of both my professional and personal life. It includes client session photos, engaging stories behind those clients, and even little glimpses into my own family, friends and interests. The curls in my daughter's hair and the cool rock my son found are just a few of the things that inspire me every day!

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Daniel and Jenna

When I started my photography business many years ago, I was SO excited to finally be doing what I loved.  I would (literally) shoot ANY project that came my way.  At one point, I was shooting weddings, head-shots, school graduations and soap.  (Yes, gorgeous, homemade soap for a company’s website.)  Then, after juggling all of […]

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GOR-GE-OUS!  (I’m sorry…  I really just don’t know what else to say about Taylor.) She’s sweet, smart, stylish and absolutely beautiful!   Thank you for letting me be part of your senior year!  I was totally inspired when passing downtown Madison,  So if you or any of your friends ever want to do a FUN […]

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Madison & Anney

Each summer, my niece Madison takes a break from her busy life in Mississippi and comes to visit all of her family in Georgia.  Unlike most summers where Madison and I get to spend lots of time together, I was in Philadelphia the entire week she was here.  Needless to say, when I got back, […]

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Suwanee Orthodontics

If you think working in an office is boring, you should go meet Dr. Francis and his staff at Suwanee Orthodontics!  They transformed a morning of marketing images into a really FUN session with plenty of laughs!  Here’s a few of their beautiful office… Now for the FUN part!  Here are some of the casual […]

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Look who I found!

Even though Madison lives in Mississippi and we only get to see one another a few times each year, I’m SURE you recognize her from my blog.  She’s my wonderful niece who was an adorable, 4-year old girl when we met for the first time.  Now, all these years later, she’s more like a friend!  […]

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Madison is my beautiful niece.  Even though she lives in Mississippi, we still get to see one another several times a year.  One of my favorite times with Madison is each summer when we meet-up in Arkansas for a week. Each year, Madison is definately one of the highlights of Arkansas! ~ She keeps us […]

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