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Our Christmas “Gift”: 2017 Santa Fe

Like most kids, my kids also enjoy gifts.  That’s why, 3 years ago, Matthew and I gathered the kids around and nervously ‘pitched’ our idea of skipping Christmas gifts and taking a family trip instead. Rayna and Ruthie were instantly on board. Ross, however (with his primary “Love Language” being GIFTS), first inquired about whether […]

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Having the rare privilege of photographing the same child for TEN years provides lots and lots of special memories! Over those years, Tinsley has given me so many moments that I’ll always treasure!  I’ve been so fortunate to meet “Bubba”, photograph all her room details, watch her play in her yard, meet all her closest […]

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Jared, Jami, Kariss, Sophia & Harper

Oh, Jami… Why you-gotta’ dress those sweet girls so cute?!?  These were SUPPOSE to be “mini” sessions, but it was impossible not to take extra! While your gallery is loading, here’s a few to hold you over… ALWAYS a few ‘extra‘ of a mom and her kids…

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Want to know what quality I absolutely LOVE seeing in children (…especially little girls)?  It’s confidence. It’s not at all the kind of confidence that comes across as prideful or sassy.  Instead, it’s the rare characteristic that simply allows that child to be happy with who they are inside. As I’ve photographed Kate for the […]

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Matthew, Catalina, Jackie & Kate

Sweet lil’ Jack and I talked about how long I’d been taking his pictures when he stopped to ask me, “Did you know that I was a cute baby?”  My response was pretty instant.  “Yes, I DEFINITELY know that you were a SUPER CUTE baby!  (I’ve posted a few from our previous years together at […]

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Michael & Maddox

Excitement and joy are feelings associated with going back to Georgia to visit my family.  However, as my mouse hoovered over the ‘publish‘ button on my blog that would announce my available Georgia sessions the following month, I was filled with doubt, worry and insecurity.  A month later, just hours before my first session was […]

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Ryan, Libby & Cohen

I could write a lot about this lil’ guy that I love, but I’ve gotta’ hit-da-road to photograph some sweet, Georgia families today! Here’s a few from a fun and quick session I shot before heading out of Arkansas. 

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